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Smokey Sweetcorn Soup

Smokey Sweetcorn Soup

In the words of Jon Snow, 'winter is coming' and homemade soup is an easy pick-me-up and keeps well in the fridge for packed lunches and quick dinners

We’ve teamed up with Ellie’s Kitchen UK to bring you this easy to make winter warmer that is packed full of veggies and flavour, and what’s more, this recipe is vegan friendly too!

Ingredients – Serves 4

• 300g frozen sweetcorn
• 1 onion, diced - I used my Braun blender to do this!
• 1 stick of celery finely sliced
• 1 red pepper, diced
• 1 heaped tsp. smoked paprika
• ½ tsp. crushed chilli flakes
• 800ml vegetable stock
• 400ml can of coconut milk

Method –

1. In a large pan, cook down the onion, pepper and celery until they are soft.
2. Add the chilli flakes and cook for another few minutes.
3. Add the sweetcorn, stock and coconut milk. Turn the heat up to high and leave to simmer for about 10 minutes.
4. Season to taste.
5. Allow the soup to cool fully.
6. Decant half of the soup into a different pan.
7. Use a hand blender to whizz up half of the soup until smooth.
8. Add the chunky half of the soup into the smooth half and combine!
9. Serve the soup heated up and topped with fresh coriander and a wedge of lime!

You can find more winter warmer recipes over on Ellie’s Kitchen UK along with competitions and more!

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