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Take a look at what’s new in the Peppa Pig ELA range!

Take a look at what’s new in the Peppa Pig ELA range!

Trends UK is here to takeover with new additions to their Peppa Pig electronic learning toys range, and we’re very excited to share them with you!

The range already consisted of 5 great ELA toys that we introduced to you last year, you can read about them here, but what’s new?

Peppa’s Interactive Play Mat - This interactive floor mat has been specially designed to encourage children to get active whilst having fun and learning! The four fun modes include 'Peppa Says…', a numbers game, 'Where is…?' and a singalong mode. Simply choose a play mode, follow the instructions and have hours of fun! The play mat helps with coordination, memory, number and colour recognition – it’s simply brilliant!

Peppa Pig’s Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics - Learn & have fun with Peppa Pig as your child chooses from 7 different activities with this Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics. Five activities with questions on letters, sounds and words. One challenge asks them to copy sequences of identifying objects and another plays fun sounds.

Take a look at the full Peppa ELA range online, including Peppa's Laugh and Learn Laptop and Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan!

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