Mums Choice Awards

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Bedtime Product Winner!

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Bedtime Product Winner!

We love to test new and existing products at UKMums.TV and we are delighted to name our favourite Bedtime Product for 2017 as:

Name: Drynites
Price: £4.00
Manufacturer: Huggies

“Bedwetting is a perfectly normal part of growing up and affects more than 900,000 children and young people in the UK. Many parents believe that a child can be trained out of night-time wetting, but this is not the case. DryNites® Pyjama Pants are specifically designed to look and feel just like real underwear to help manage the bedwetting phase effectively and confidently so that the whole family can get a good night’s sleep.

Now with five layers for maximum protection to prevent leakage against night-time wetting, DryNites® are age-appropriate and designed to hold larger volumes of urine from children with bigger bladders, unlike traditional nappies or potty training pants. DryNites® pyjama pants are discreet for growing children and the stretchy sides make them easy to take on and off for a real underwear-like fit.
Available in three age sizes (3-5, 4-7 and 8-15) DryNites® let your child tackle this developmental phase with confidence. Sizes 3-5 and 4-7 feature Disney© and Marvel graphics, and the 8-15 product features more grown-up designs for older children allowing them to feel more independent at bed-time at home or away.”

Why UKMums.TV Loved  Drynites: Our testers said, “These pants absorb quickly and can hold a couple of accidents at a time which is good especially if your child doesn’t wake after an accident! Each nappy features really stretchy material down the sides so they are easy to put on and have a great age range!”

We tested plenty of products in this category over the few months, and have also given a highly commended award to:
Lumie for their Lumie Bedbug. Retailing at £59.95 this is a unique children sleep aid that promotes a calm bedtime and good night’s sleep for babies and young children.

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