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The Mums Choice Awards – Best Creative Play Toy, (£20 and above) Winner!

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Creative Play Toy, (£20 and above) Winner!

We’ve had great fun testing toys here at UKMums.TV and are proud to name our favourite Creative Play Toy, (£20 and above) for 2017 as:

Name: Spiralite
Price: £21.99
Manufacturer: John Adams

“Spiralite allows you to draw and illuminate amazing spiral designs and create perfect patterns with the 3 neon markers. Draw, decorate and turn it on to make it glow – with 8 light show settings! Simply wipe clean and draw over it again to create glowing geometric designs.”

Why UKMums.TV Loved Spiralite: Our testers said “My niece tested this and she loved it! This set is perfect for creating amazing spiral designs using neon markers. My niece found the light up effects magical! This is a great toy that provides hours of fun!”

We tested plenty of products in this category over the last few weeks, and have also given a highly commended award to:

Jumbo Games, for their Dessineo ‘Learn to Draw,’ a creative and inspiring educational drawing aid that will help young young children learn how to draw.  Our testers said “The learn to draw toy is bright and attractive to younger children and has its own carry handle to the case so is perfect for on the go.” Priced at just £34.99 this toy is great fun and won’t break the bank.

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