Mums Choice Awards

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Family Game!

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Family Game!

We’ve been testing toys that are fun for all the family here at UKMums.TV and we are proud to name our favourite family game for 2017 as:

Name: Giggle Wiggle
Price: £24.99
Manufacturer: John Adams

“Giggle Wiggle is the twisting, turning, race to the top game. Race to balance the coloured balls on Giggle Wiggle’s hands as he dances to the music.  Be the first to safely stack all the balls into Giggle Wiggle’s hands and press the button to win!”

Why UKMums.TV loved Giggle Wiggle: Our testers said “This is a great game for the age range being catered for.  It’s not too fast so young ones can keep up and it’s very easy to play! For just £24.99 this makes a great addition to the family games cupboard and has proven really popular in our house!”

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