Mums Choice Awards

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Toy for ages 8-11 (from £20 and above)!

The Mums Choice Awards – Best Toy for ages 8-11 (from £20 and above)!

It’s not just nursery products and pre-school toys we’ve been testing over the last few months we’ve also tested some great toys for the older kids too! We are pleased to announce our favourite Toy for ages 8-11 (£20 and above) for 2017 is:

Name: HEXBUG Battle Bots Arena
Price: £79.99
Manufacturer: (Hexbug) Innovation First Trading SARL

“The HEXBUG Battle Bots Arena allows you to recreate the atmosphere and tension of a real Battle Bots duel made famous by the US TV Show.  Designed to look just like the real thing, with authentic graphics and plastic side panels. The HEXBUG Battle Bots Arena includes two RC house robots: Tombstone, famous for his grave making spinning blades and Witch Doctor who comes equipped with fear inducing battering ram armour.”

Why UKMums.TV Loved HEXBUG Battle Bots Arena: Our testers said “The mobility of the robots is great fun, I love how the whole design replicates what we know from the show, and this is good fun for family games nights or kid on kid battles!”

We tested plenty of products in this category over the last few months, and have also given a highly commended award to:
Schleich UK Ltd for their Horse Stall with Arab Horses and Groom priced at just £24.99.This Schleich Horse Stall is one of the top quality hand finished products from the Schleich range of horses and accessories.  There are few better ways of widening a child’s horizons and are made to the highest standards.

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