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Top tips for play time on the go, by UK Mums TV…with a little help from Peppa!

Top tips for play time on the go, by UK Mums TV…with a little help from Peppa!

Keeping little ones entertained on the go is never easy, especially when they want to bring all their favourite toys but you’re juggling change bags, pushchairs and all the other parenting paraphernalia! Fear not, here at UK Mums we have a few tried and tested tips up our sleeves we’d like to share to make playtime on the go even easier.

Planning is everything! Keep some portable toys in a storage box by the door so that you can quickly pick something up on your way out. Games like travel size Connect 4 or pocket puzzles are lightweight and don’t take up too much space.

That’s why we like the brand new Peppa Pig Pick Up and Play sets from Character Options (RRP £14.99) – these compact carry cases open up to reveal a Peppa Pig scene and character which is the perfect handy size for little hands to play with in the car, buggy or wherever you go. There are two cute scenes to collect – seaside and playground – so lots of opportunities for imaginative play!

If your little one likes to do something creative, you can keep a plastic zip sleeve pocket handy and fill it with a colouring sheet and crayons rather than pencils, as they don’t need sharpening and you won’t have any annoying lids to lose track of! Mini sticker books are always a good time saver if you can’t put your hands on any crayons. We also have some lovely Peppa Pig downloadable activity sheets here on UK Mums TV 

Or, for an instant activity why not try the pocket sized Peppa Pig Magna Doodle (RRP £8.99) – the classic magnetic drawing toy which comes complete with stylus (which is attached so you can’t lose it!) and shape stampers to create fun scenes from Peppa or anything else that little ones can imagine.  Then they simply erase and start all over again.

Other handy options for instant play also come with the wide variety of dough sets also available from Character Options (RRP from £1.25). Just go to to see what’s available! 

We’re sure you have your own tried and tested solutions to keep little ones on the go, let us know what they are @UKmumsTV or get in touch via our Facebook page. We’d love to know what you think to the new Peppa Pig Pick Up and Play Sets too – share your reactions and don’t forget to enter our competition for the chance to win some of these fab new toys!

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