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Top tips for the Boxing Day sales!

Top tips for the Boxing Day sales!

With millions of people hitting high street shops all around the country for Boxing Day sales how can you ensure you get everything you need whilst surviving the madness? We’ve put together our top five tips on how to avoid the mayhem!

1) Make sure you plan your trip

Don’t wander round aimlessly, weaving your way through the crowds. Make sure you know which shops to approach, you will shop much more effectively that way!

2) Arrive early, before everyone else does!

The earlier you arrive to the shops, the better! Some shops will have long queues outside so you may have to arrive before official opening hours if you really want the best bargains!

3) Eat a big breakfast before you go!

Eating out on the Boxing Day sales can be a nightmare as it takes up time and you will eat rubbish if you’re hungry when you’re out. It can also mean less money for shopping with!

4) Be decisive

If in doubt, pick it up and hold onto it! You can spend time deciding whilst you are walking around the shop looking at other things, or even in the queue.

5) Don’t bother trying things on

Queues for changing rooms on Boxing Day are a no go. They’re extra-long and extra stressful! Wear layers so that you can put tops/knitwear/jackets over the top without having to go in the changing rooms. That way you won’t roast in the hot stores too!
Are you planning on heading to the Boxing Day sales this year? If the answer is yes, we hope our top tips have helped you to make sure your day isn’t too manic!

If you have any tips of your own, share them with us on our Twitter page @UKMumstv

Happy Shopping!

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