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Top tips on travelling with a baby!

Top tips on travelling with a baby!

It’s nearly that time again when we go away on holiday; however, it can be very stressful if you have a little baby! Read our top tips to make travelling a little easier, trust us – it works!

1. As soon as you arrive try and set up your room to make it as close to home as possible. Put the baby in a playpen or a cot with a pile of toys whilst you do so.

2. Designate an area for baby-changing. Lay out a changing mat and box of wipes and stack a bunch of nappies in one particular place. That way you won’t need to chase everything down when you need to change your little one.

3. Creating a play-space is essential; stash a load of playthings in one corner and create a place for your baby to make the room feel homely and keep it from looking like a disaster.

4. Wear your baby! If your baby doesn’t sleep well in a stroller, try a front carrier or baby backpack.

5. Go for a scenic drive. This will enable you to check out the area whilst your baby naps in the car seat. And on some trips, you can coordinate drive time between destinations with sleep time.

6. If you’re taking a portable travel bed, let your baby sleep in it for a few nights before you go away. That way, it will feel like a familiar, comfy spot to go night-night on holiday.

7. Sticking to routine is essential.  If your baby’s bedtime ritual at home includes a bath, lullabies and a bottle, do the same on holiday to make up for the change in location.

8. When eating out, you could bend the rules slightly - you may have to encourage what you would normally consider bad behaviour: watching TV whilst eating!

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