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Towels to brighten up your bathroom

Towels to brighten up your bathroom

Time for some new towels to match your bathroom décor? Check out our favourite bathroom towel sets here to get that co-ordinated look!

1. Mid Grey Ultimate Towel £2.00 - £22.00 

These gorgeous soft towels are made from 100% cotton and are a mid-grey in colour, the ultimate in luxury and extravagance!

2. Paisley Embossed Cotton Towel £6.00 - £22.50

Made from pure natural cotton, these soft and absorbent towels make having to leave the bath or shower a little more bearable. Featuring a lovely Paisley print, these towels are a great essential to any bathroom.

3. Biba Crane Towel £12.00 

This towel is the perfect choice for adding a touch of modern day elegance to your bathroom. Detailing includes a stunning bird design. These towels are lightweight and soft, with a silky feel and super absorbent.

4. Yellow Floral Towel £8 - £24 

These vibrant yellow towels are good for all family; they’re conveniently light and are super quick at drying.

5. Liberty Fabrics & John Lewis Caesar Towels £4.00 - £28.00 

These soft and absorbent towels from Liberty feature a striking peacock feather design which has been printed onto the fabric. Liberty has been associated with gorgeous fabrics since it first opened, in 1875!


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