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Ways to be an everyday hero!

Ways to be an everyday hero!

It’s time to be a hero with the PJ Masks!

It’s not hard to be an every day hero, be it getting the kids to school in one piece or other small acts of kindness. You might not be saving the world like the PJ Masks Heroes just yet, but you’ll be making someone smile, somewhere! If you can, take five minutes and be an everyday hero. Start with these ideas and why not go over them with your little one too!

Leave a space cleaner than you found it.

Eating out? Neaten your table after you’re finished, making it a little easier for your server. At home, keep your things organised. Don’t leave messes for others to clean up – although we have a sneaky suspicion you do all the cleaning up after the kids anyway!

Makes someone’s day

Be it buying the person behind you in line their coffee or donating your spare change to the charity boxes present in many stores it’s so easy to make someone’s day with very little money spent.

Be kind to strangers.

It’s well-known that everyone is fighting separate but equally difficult battles. Although you might not be able to understand or relate to everyone’s struggles, you can offer unconditional kindness and patience. Maybe the cranky old man deals with chronic pain, or the grumpy bus driver has two other jobs and children at home to feed. Although you don’t know their situations, kindness is always appreciated.

Listen to and encourage someone’s dreams.

Even something as simple as “I believe in you”, “That’s a great idea, and you’re the perfect person for it” or “You can do this” goes a long way. Especially when it comes to kids.

Choose to donate your used things.

Your local charity shop can provide you with more information on this. By donating the things that you don’t need, want, or use, you allow another person to benefit from them rather than putting them in the bin.

Being an everyday hero is easy but if your kids want to dress like a hero then the PJ masks collection from Just Play includes dress up sets and masks so they can transform into their favourite PJ Masks hero! Shop the range in all major toy stores.

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