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Who are the Power Rangers?

Who are the Power Rangers?

Everyone wants to be friends with the Power Rangers! Here at UKMums.TV, we’d like to introduce you to the teens turned superheroes individually, from which colour Power Ranger is who, to what their personality traits are so that you and your little one’s can get to know them better.

The Red Ranger AKA Brody Romero – Brody is just 18 years old and was taught his Ninja skills by his father. Brody is on a mission to stop Galvanax from getting hold of the Ninja Steel and also hopes to find his brother Aiden. He loves his freedom on Earth and enjoys being the leader on the Ranger team.

The Yellow Ranger AKA Calvin Maxwell – Calvin is cool and confident and loves building all things mechanical. He has a lot of potential but at times doesn’t show this due to his laid back nature. Calvin is in a relationship with Hayley (The White Ranger)

The Blue Ranger AKA Preston Tien – Coming from a wealthy family Preston appears to have been given everything he has ever wanted. He is friendly and eager to impress and is obsessed with magic! He was never too great at magic until he became a Ranger and then his magic power became real!

The Pink Ranger AKA Sarah Thompson – Sarah is the brains of the team and a total adrenaline junkie! She intends to be a great engineer and is the person who designs gadgets when the Power Rangers need them. She can be a little socially awkward at times but is kind hearted and always eager to lend a hand.

The White Ranger AKA Hayley Foster – Hayley’s is an adventurous and outdoorsy girl with a love of nature and healthy living. She’s friendly and self-aware and well adjusted. When Hayley became a Power Ranger her strong connection with animals grew deeper still and she developed the ability to communicate with them telepathically.

The Gold Ranger AKA Aiden Romero AKS Levi Weston – Aiden is Brody’s older brother who was left behind on Earth when his dad and Brody disappeared ten years ago. When Galvanax split his family apparent Aiden changed his name to Levi so the monsters would have trouble finding him if they returned.  He loves music and is a very gifted musician as well as being very kind and thoughtful.

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