All about the new Wissper toys!

All about the new Wissper toys!

If you haven't heard of Wissper before, then you have come to the right place as the new toy range has taken over! Based on the hit pre-school TV series, Wissper toys give fans of the show the chance to play imaginatively with all their favourite characters in all their favourite locations.

The TV show follows a seven year old girl with a unique ability to talk to animals. In the real world, Wissper is a normal little girl who lives with her mum, dad and brother but her experiences at home often help her to solve problems in the animal worlds. She can magically transport herself to anywhere there is an animal in danger by saying the magic world “Ssssshhhh…”

Thanks to Simba Smoby, there is now a whole range of fun Wissper toys for little ones to enjoy. Let’s discover the new toys here:

Wissper 3” Figurines RRP £9.99 - These cute sets each come with three articulated figures which are perfect for imaginative play. Little ones can choose between a set with Wissper, Gertie and Otis or one with Wissper, Dan and Peggy. Kids will have so much fun reliving the adventures from the show or creating their own.

Wissper and Peggy 8.5” Dolls RRP £19.99 - Joining Wissper and Peggy on their magical adventures is easy with this brilliant doll set. Kids can use the panpipe and say “Shhhh” just like Wissper as they enter a new world to explore. Then using the binoculars, they can discover all the fun new animals like the cheeky monkeys in the forest! Also including Wissper and Peggy dolls, a bag, a mirror and hair brush, this set is great value for money.

Wissper Plush Animal Friends RPP £9.99 - The super soft Wissper animal pals are so cute that little ones are going to love collecting them!  Otis, Monty, Herbert, Gertie, Stripes, Kev, Peggy and Dan are all available and each one looks just like the on-screen characters that kids will know and love.

World Playsets RRP £29.99 - Wissper is all about the magical different worlds she visits, so the 2 in 1 transforming World Playsets are perfect for little ones to immerse themselves in stories from the show. Grass World, Water World and Desert World playsets, are all available and they each come with a Wissper figure, animal friend, and a set of accessories.

Role Play Panpipe RRP £9.99 - With this interactive Panpipe, kids can say the magic word “Shhh” then blow into the pipe and hear the magical music play! Wherever children decide to go, the magical musical panpipe will take them there!

Wissper Bag Set RRP £17.99 - In the show, Wissper’s bag has the all-important compass stored inside it to help her find her way around each world. The toy Bag Set is exactly the same, and it also includes a set of friendship bracelets that little ones can give to their friends – cute!

Wissper toys are available now from your local Toys R Us or click here to shop online

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