All about the Schleich Dinosaur range!

All about the Schleich Dinosaur range!

When it comes to dinosaurs, nowhere makes them better than Schleich! The renowned Dinosaurs collection has fast become a go-to for prehistoric lovers; with unrivalled detail in each figurine, these dinosaurs are everything children need for fierce and wild imaginative fun! Here’s a rundown of our favourite products from the range:

Large Skull Trap playset – RRP £24.99

New to the Schleich Dinosaurs collection is the terrifying Large Skull Trap playset, which offers endless adventure for young ones. The jaw-dropping playset has a giant fossil-like design with the hollow cavity of the skull making the perfect play location for kids and their dinosaurs. Also included with the set is the exciting Velociraptor figure which features moveable arms for more imaginative fun for kids!

Dinosaurs - RRP £9.99

If you have an avid Dino fan, then the new figures in the collection are must-haves! Dinosaur fans will be rushing in store to get their hands on the formidable new Kentrosaurus and Acrocanthosaurs figurines as well as the Feathered Raptors set of three dinosaurs. Starting from just £9.99 kids can collect the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Stegosaurus and more!

Mini Dinosaurs - RRP £2.99

The Mini Dinosaurs are a brilliant way to introduce your little ones to the prehistoric mystery of dinosaurs. These detailed figures will be the perfect treat for any child, especially if their mind is filled with Jurassic wonder! Despite their size, the mini T-Rex and Utaraptor are also not to be contended with. These miniature figurines boast the same awesome detail as their larger counterparts!

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