Check out what else you can collect in the HSH range!

Check out what else you can collect in the HSH range!

Here at UKMums.TV, we’ve been delighted to bring you details of the new Half-Shell Heroes construction toy range.  Coming out of their shells for the first time, everyone’s favourite characters have gone into construction and new toys that are perfect for getting pre-schoolers in on the action have been released to celebrate!

For kids who love to act like Ninja’s, there is a whole range of role play items including a Soft Shell (RRP £19.99) and Soft Ninja Role Play Sets (RRP £17.99). Young fans can recreate favourite scenes as their much-loved heroes. The Shell features a place to store the soft weapons or any figures too, plus the adjustable straps allow you to adjust it to the perfect fit.  The Role Play Sets contain a bandana and soft weapon in the colour of your favourite turtle. Each set also includes sounds and phrases from the hit show!

Introducing the new Half-Shell Heroes Squeeze Em’s (RRP £24.99)! Check out the hilarious sounds and actions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Squeeze their shells for surprising shouts plus eye and tongue popping action! The harder you squeeze, the higher they shout and burp! Includes multiple sounds and phrases.

The all new Half-Shell Heroes Headquarters playset is here (RRP £74.99). Standing at 26" tall, Raph opens up to reveal a large playset with over 20 different features. Open up the playset and then pull out the hand, then watch as Raph's head pops up. As you turn the wheel slide to the left watch as a red LED light turns on and when you turn the wheel to the right a green LED light will turn on. Then drop your Turtles figures down the slide, capture baddies and throw them in the jail cell. With trap doors and swings to fling your figures, the adventure is just beginning! Also comes with an exclusive Raph figure.

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