Find out what our mums think to the National Geographic Science Kits!

Find out what our mums think to the National Geographic Science Kits!

This week on UK Mums TV we’ve been celebrating British Science Week by exploring the new science-themed National Geographic kits, designed to make discovering science at home easier than ever. But don’t take our word for it – it’s time to see what Stressed Rach thinks;

My daughter loves science and funnily enough she has recently been learning about archaeology at school so I knew she was going to love these kits.

We received a National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit and a National Geographic Fool’s Golf Mini Dig Kit. They are for ages 8 years and over and are both linked with STEM, Keeping kids curious in a fun way.

Research has shown that STEM subjects help kids learn how to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information.

National Geographic are helping kids spark an interest in science with toys that engage young minds and foster a lifetime of discovery through fun and hands-on learning.  In the 21st century the leading concept of education is STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is a cross-disciplinary approach to learning that entrepreneurs and educators believe is key to a healthy innovative economy.

National Geographic Fool's Gold Dig Kit
The first one Skye chose to do was the Fool’s Gold Mini Dig Kit, it contained a Brick that was gold in colour and had GOLD written on the top, there was also a digging tool with a small brush on the other end.

We laid newspaper down and she began digging for her treasure. Inside the brick was a genuine Pyrite but she had to dig it out carefully. I was shocked at how careful she was digging in the plaster to find the crystal. She was so gentle.

She finally found the crystal and now she had the task of digging it out of the plaster so as not to break or scratch the crystal. This took some time but Skye was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Once the crystal was out she then started brushing it for a long while to get as much of the plaster of it as possible. She did manage quite well, obviously she didn’t manage to get every single bit off but the instructions did suggest rinsing the specimen in water so she did that at the end.

This was a fantastic little kit for a beginner to start with and for only £4.99 it is the perfect pocket money toy.

National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit
The National Geographic  Gemstone Dig Kit was similar to the mini dig kit, inside the kit there was;

1x Dig Brick
3 Genuine Gemstones
2 Excavation Tools
1 Magnifying Gladd
1 Learning Guide

The dig brick looked like lots of crystals embedded onto a rock, it looked rather pretty and seemed a shame to break it up but Skye needed to if she was going to find her 3 gemstones.

This kit had separate tools for digging and brushing which Skye found easier to use.

She began digging and it wasn’t long before she found her first gemstone; a Quartz however she still had quite a way to go before it was out of the brick.

After about 10 more minutes she informed me she had found the other two gemstones; an Amethyst and a Tiger’s Eye. It took her quite a while to carefully dig them all out of the brick and they were very dusty by the time they were out.

After rinsing them with some water they looked fantastic. Skye’s favourite gemstone out of the three is the Tiger’s Eye.

Since doing these dig kits she has asked if we can get her more to do and I am all up for that as kids tend to spend far too much time on computers rather than actually doing something productive. This kept her busy for a good few hours or more, the excitement of digging for treasure was great and then the excitement of finding the treasure and anticipation of actually getting it out was fantastic. It made a nice change. Although she did need a shower afterwards as she was covered in dust from the dig brick.

I think the Gemstone Dig Kit is brilliant for kids and again it is reasonably priced at just £9.99

I would definitely recommend both of these kits! 

Don’t forget you can get your hands on one of 10 National Geographic Kids kits thanks to Bandai by entering our competition! And check back for more great ideas and inspiration for Science Week.

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