Hey Duggee Magazine – what did our mums think?

Hey Duggee Magazine – what did our mums think?

With the launch of the brand new Hey Duggee magazine happening this month we take a look at what our mums think of this lovely new title!

Red Rose Mummy is just one of the bloggers who took a look at the new magazine and here is what she thought;

"New to cBeebies earlier in 2015 was Hey Duggee, a brand new series, aimed at two to five year olds which is based around The Squirrel Club (a bit like Beaver Scouts or Rainbows) where children have adventures and receive badges for their accomplishments.

LM is a huge fan of Duggee and his friends and really enjoys watching it so was delighted to be sent a copy of the brand new Hey Duggee magazine which goes on sale today, 21st October 2015.

The magazine is exactly what we have come to expect from the stable of magazines featuring the cBeebies characters. It's bright and colourful and packed with activities for your child to engage with and they all tie into the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education strategy so you can be confident that, by simply engaging with the magazine, you are helping to build the blocks which will be expanded upon in the nursery and Reception years of school.

The Hey Duggee format lends itself really well to a magazine and the sticker pages are used to solve puzzles as well as to reward the reader with sticker 'badges'.

Each edition has a free gift attached. This one was baking themed so you get a free toy baking kit, complete with chef's hat which LM loved.

We really enjoy sharing this type of magazine with our children. Bud has moved on to the older style now but LM loves her own magazine to look at and enjoy the puzzles, stickers and stories in. I  think that the Hey Duggee version will be a popular addition to the range of pre-school magazines available on the shelves of your local retailers.

Hey Duggee magazine is out now and priced at £2.75 per issue, available from all good magazine retailers."

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