Meet our favourite Lumo Stars!

Meet our favourite Lumo Stars!

The Northern lights are the inspiration for the first range of Lumo Stars cuddly collectables from Finnish toy makers Tactic.

This new plush toy collection includes common animals living in the Nordic countries, in realistic and fantasy colors that are taken from nature. Eyes sparkle like auroras, fur tones are from the different colours of the four seasons, from the trees, sky and sea.

We’ve been getting to know these adorable cuddly creatures and chosen our favourite six characters to give you a taste of what to expect from the new range!

Blueberry the Fox – he loves to eat blueberries and wood sorrel and his favourite thing to do is Singing to the Moon at night
Camo the Bear – this adorable cuddly bear has camouflage fur, perfect for his favourite activity which his playing hide and seek in the forest! He eats blackberries and sleeps through the long Nordic winter
Renee the Reindeer – the most colourful of the characters with a coat that reflects the beautiful Northern Lights. Renee loves to run among the lichens, eat chips and berries.
Ice the Bunny – this magical bunny can swim and walk on the snow without sinking!
Luna the Puffin – this adorable bird loves picking flowers and watching the beautiful violet sunsets of the north.
Mortti the multicoloured hedgehog – loves rummaging for tasty treats in the city, where his colourful coat blends with the city lights.

There are 12 types of creature to collect, some native to the Nordics and all available in collectable Mini, Classic and Big plush toys which are wonderfully colourful and huggable.

There’s also a free Lumo Stars app where little ones can bring their Lumo buddy to life –  to find out more and see all the different characters, visit and keep checking back this week to explore the magical world of Lumo Stars and get the chance to win prizes in our competition. Check out the comp pages to find out more

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