Meet the new Little Live Pets!

Meet the new Little Live Pets!

Meet the newest additions to the Little Live Pets family, the Lil’ Ladybugs! We are big fans of these cute new pets; they scurry around just like the real thing! Kids will love playing with the new addition to Little Live Pets; here’s what’s to come!

Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybug Garden Playset RRP £22.99

This wonderful Playset may be mini in size but big on fun! Kids will love to watch their ladybugs scoot and crawl around their new home. Children can spin the flower and watch their ladybugs go up, down and all around in their own little town! This playsets even comes with an exclusive Lil’ Ladybug!

Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs and Baby £5.99

These will definitely be high on Little Live Pets collectors’ lists! There are 12 different Ladybugs to collect including two rare styles and each comes with an even cuter baby Ladybug or two if you are lucky enough to find a pack with twins! Baby bugs tag onto mum and follow her all around. How cute!

Also new to the Little Live Pets are the Lil’ Flurry Friends, take a look for yourself!

Little Live Pets Lil’ Fluffy Friends £12.99

Brand new to Little Live Pets are the Lil’ Fluffy Friends they scamper and move just like real forest friends! Each Fluffy Friend has their own personalities and colours they truly are the softest Little Live Pets you can get! There is Bow Bunny, Flossy Hop, Donutty, Twinkle Tail and Foxberry and Frosty Fox.  Which pet will your child fall in love with?

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