Meet Vac-Man & Stretch Monster!

Meet Vac-Man & Stretch Monster!

Stretch Armstrong is the nostalgic toy everyone knows and loves but this July, the toy collection is set to get even bigger within the introduction of two awesome new villains – Vac-Man & Stretch Monster.

These cool new characters are modelled on the original design from the 70’s and will pack just as much, if not more, detail and design than the original. Vac –Man’s new stronger formula is ideal for 21st century fun and he can be stretch up to 4 times his original size. Pump out the air and pull him into any pose you can think of, then simply release the valve and watch him return to his normal state.

The Stretch Monster will horrify with his superhuman strength in a 7-inch scale. Looking just like the original, this green monster is perfect to add to any due hard Stretch collection!

The whole Stretch range features Stretch and all his original and new friends including octopus, and Fetch Armstrong.
Stretch them, pull them out of shape and even tie them in knots!

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