Mummy Bloggers put the Tiddlytubbies toys to the test!

Mummy Bloggers put the Tiddlytubbies toys to the test!

As part of the Teletubbies takeover, we’ve been getting to know the new Tiddlytubbies toys from Character Options a whole lot better. We think they’re absolutely adorable and young ones will love them just as much as we do! But don’t just take our word for it, read what other mums had to say about Shuffle 'n' Giggle Ping and the Giggling Tiddlytubbies:

Country Heart and Home – “We were sent the Shuffle n’ Giggle Ping, aimed at children age 18mth+ and Amelia was in love at first sight.  Ping is super soft and plush, ideal for cuddles and once you turn demo mode off she shuffles across the floor giggling as she goes.  It is a really cute little wiggle and giggle that it had us all creased laughing! Sometimes toys can be fiddly for little hands and that on/off button is usually located underneath the toy making it a night mare to direct.  Ping needs a simple press on her back to start the crawl which was great for Amelia as she gets frustrated if she needs to keep stopping and messing with the toys.”

My Mummy’s World – “We received two of the giggling Tiddlytubbies plushes, Ping and Mi-Mi so you can imagine who she immediately was attached too. The plushes are 8" in size and are in bright colours made from soft fabrics making them perfect for cuddles. When you press the tummies, they do a cute giggle. Isla absolutely loves these, and several times throughout the day will fetch them for cuddles.”

Lily’s Little Learners - "I think that Ping is adorable. It is quite soft for a mechanical toy and not very heavy either and the soft fabric it is covered in is perfect for your young children to be able to hold and cuddle up. The face is hard, but not to hard that it could hurt a child if they bashed themselves with it. Lily thought she was adorable too and gave her a big hug as soon as I got it out of the box. She knew it was a baby and said "aww baby". I do think that the big eyes really do help the baby appearance and make it look so cute! When you switch the Tiddlytubbie over to play mode from demo mode you can make it crawl. You simply press its back and the Tiddlytubbie starts to crawl towards you or away from you giggling happily and making all sorts of baby noises as it does. It is really easy to press the button on its back and Lily managed to do this fine. Not much pressure needs to be placed down to start it moving. She really enjoyed putting the Tiddlytubbie away from her and encouraging it to crawl towards her saying "come on baby" as it did.!

One thing I love about it is that the mechanical noise from the legs moving isn't apparent at all. I have had some toys in the past that have scared Lily because you can hear the robotics move in them. This isn't the case at all with this toy."

Playdays and Runways - "The giggling Tiddlytubbies are about 8 inches tall and are made from a really soft towelling material. Their faces are textured and hard. To make the Tiddlytubbies giggle all you need to do is press their tummies. Little J loves taking both of them to bed with him and I often hear them giggling in the night when he has rolled on them. As the Tiddlytubbies take cell batteries they are inside the tubby and stitched closed for safety."

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