Mums Love the new Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat!

Mums Love the new Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat!

We sent 10 of our lovely mummy bloggers a Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat from Trends UK as we wanted to know what they thought of it. It turns out they love it as much as we do!

Here’s what they had to say!

Me, Him, the dog and they baby - "The Peppa Pig Interactive Play Mat is so bright and colourful and so eye catching. The mat has a blue path to follow and numbered sections from 1-5 as well as a Muddle Puddles section. Not only does Peppa Pig feature on the mat but also her friends and family so there are plenty of characters for children to pick out and recognise. Erin spent ages sat at the side of the mat finding the characters she knew the names of and trying to find a dinosaur which isn’t actually there!"

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs! - "Joben played for quite some time with his mat. His favourite mode is sing a long. He is really into musical toys at the moment. He has a lot of toys such as interactive teddy bears where you press the paw and they sing along, so the sing a long mode was perfect for him. He has already started to sing little snippets of the songs.

The mat has a wipeable surface too so ideal for wiping crumbs up or perhaps pop spillages as little ones play. It folds up to hardly anything at all so you could take it along with you."

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