Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – Deluxe 16 piece figure playset.

Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – Deluxe 16 piece figure playset.

The PJ Masks toy collection from Just Play has proven popular by little heroes all around the country already. But with the new additions to the range for autumn, we wanted to see what mums and their kids thought!

Here are some of the great pictures, quotes and links to reviews for the NEW Deluxe 16 Piece Figure set which we sent to 10 top bloggers.

Life as Mum

Mia's favourite is between Catboy and Gekko. She's always been the girl who loves to play by herself with toy figures. She has such a wild and amazing imagination and could play for hours on end. Although the room will look like a tip, she really does have fun in her little world. When they both play together, it's lovely to see both their imaginations coming together.

Mama Geek

All of the pieces are really detailed, down to the textures of their suits, their logos and facial expressions, and even the pets and accessories are spot on and instantly recognisable as those in the TV show. The accessories also stay firmly in the figures hands which is so often not the case.

My Mummy's World

The figures allowed them to reenact there favourite scenes with the figures rather than themselves meaning it was easier for Isla to play too. They used their favourite PJ Masks, along with baddies matching each scene and would change the scene and baddies accordingly.

Don’t forget, if your child loves all things PJ Masks the new and existing items in the toy collection are available in all major toy stores ready for Christmas!

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