Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – Headquarters Playset

Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – Headquarters Playset

We sent 10 top parental bloggers the new PJ Masks Headquarters playset. It came as no surprise to us that they and their little heroes loved it as much as we do!

Here are some of the pictures, quotes and links to reviews so you can see for yourself just how great this set is! 

Angela This is Life

It's a very big playset, and if you get the deluxe figure pack as well, there will be lots of fun to be had for the little ones! Clay really loved the set and couldn't stay away from it while I was taking pictures, he even offered to help me pose Catboy for them (normally he will do something else to distract himself while waiting), so he was definitely eager to get playing! Look at how happy he is (and how big the set is!) when I was finally done

Five Little Doves

Harry absolutely loves the Headquarters play set and has spent hours each day completely engrossed in playing with it. I love any kind of toy that encourages children to use their imagination, and eavesdropping in on his conversations with Cat Boy, it was evident that he was enjoying every moment.

Rock and Roll Pussycat

The little man really likes the PJ Masks HQ playset and we’ve already purchased the additional set of figures for Christmas. The playset, despite being made of plastic is robust, well made and packs away nicely due to the narrow width of the design. The little man has played with the playset pretty much every day since it arrived, he uses the figure and car included but also enjoys using his animal and dinosaur figures and toy cars too. It encourages him to be imaginative and creative and I love to hear him chatting away while playing.

Don’t forget, if your child loves all things PJ Masks the new and existing items in the toy collection are available in all major toy stores ready for Christmas! The Headquarters Playset would make the ultimate prezzie!

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