Mums put Pull Pops to the test!

Mums put Pull Pops to the test!

As part of the ChillFactor takeover, we're getting to know the new Pull Pops are whole lot more! To find out what the new product is like in practice, we asked some top mummy bloggers to test and review Pull Pops at home with their young ones.

Read what Hannah Spannah had to say here:

"At first attempt, as you will see on the video, we made a couple of easy mistakes. We pulled the plunger too fast and so there was a big air space in our pop. We broke the seal easily which allowed the liquid to come out and did it again when trying to take the handle off before freezing. However, we learnt from our mistakes and easily rectified our technique and didn’t have these problems again.

I found it really easy to use in the end and Bear loved that he could do it on his own and has gone on to make them again and again. They will obviously come into their own at summer time and I’m looking forward to making some home made smoothies with hidden veg and getting some extra sneaky vitamins into my son.

I’m considering trying it with wine and soda and will let you know how that works!

I would definitely recommend the Chillfactor Pull Pops Kit which retails at £9.99 for the set of 2 or £4.99 individually."

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