Mums try out the new Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station

Mums try out the new Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station

We love the new Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station here at UKMums.TV. It’s instantly recognisable as the brand new Fire Station from the new Series 10, and comes complete with a range of fantastic features, including lights and sounds - just like a working fire station. It’s perfect for little heroes to create their own fire and rescue adventures.

But don’t just take our word for it that the new Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station is worth buying for your little hero. We sent the new Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station (RRP £39.99) to top mummy bloggers around the country and they all had great things to say.
Here’s what a few of the bloggers wrote about it:

First Two … Then Blue: “This fire station playset from Character is brilliant, there is a lot for little ones to do and it comes with some lovely little accessories. There are doors that open and close, a fireman pole made especially for Sam and Elvis to use, a turntable and vehicle maintenance ramp, Sam and Elvis figures, a bucket, fire extinguisher, a training dummy and a ladder. . Kier loves listening to the phrases and sounds coming from the electronic control desk!”

Mummy Constant: “The kids had fun playing with the fire station door. They were making Fireman Sam jump from the door and then they had to save him. Isla loved the lift and kept getting Elvis to go up and down it. It was nice watching them play together with the fire station. They really got involved and worked together, you could hear them talking about how it looked like the real thing!”

Raising The Rainbows: “We really like the fire station and think it’s a must have for any Sam fan. It's perfect if you already own some of the other playsets as you can extend your play opportunities with it. It’s really well made, so worth the spend and the fact it’s the same as the station in the show means your child will love it.”

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