Our guide to the Amazing Character Games Range!

Our guide to the Amazing Character Games Range!

If you’re looking for ideas for a fun night in with the whole family or the perfect family Christmas gift then look no further! Character Options has some amazing games that will be sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family! From the suspense-filled Five Night’s at Freddy’s game to the ultimate game of high-tech tag with Laser X there’s hours of fun to be had with the latest Games line-up from Character! 

Laser X – RRP £49.99

Laser X is the ultimate high tech game of tag and creates a real laser arena at home! Play inside or outside, day or night to add to the thrill!

First pick a side - red, blue or will you go rogue and go it alone? The aim of the game is to blast your opponent as many times as possible with your Laser X blaster. As players are blasted their receiver vest will gradually change colour, the first to be hit 8 times is out!  With pinpoint accuracy blasters and a range of over 60 metres the Laser X game is just perfect for running running wild in the garden! You can play 1 on 1 or add additional Laser X blasters for the ultimate challenge! 

Boom Blast Stix – RRP £14.99

Can you hold your nerve and master the Boom Blast Stix? The brand new explosive high stakes game that will keep everybody on the edge of their seats! The game includes 32 sensitive interlocking springs which players need to carefully pile one on top of the other – the higher the tower the higher the risk! – who will be the one to make them fly??  Whose face will have the funniest Boom Blast reaction??

Pokémon Trainer Guess – RRP £19.99

Just like 20 questions – pick a Pokemon from the included Field Guide and the clever Poke Ball will ask you a series of ‘Yes’ ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ questions before correctly guessing the Pokemon you’re thinking of! With 151 Pokemon to guess and collect can you and your kids get them all?

Pokemon Trainer Guess uses speech recognition technology to guess the Pokemon you’re thinking of so no buttons or reading is required! Become a Pokemon master with Pokemon Trainer Guess.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Jump Scare Game – RRP £24.99

Fans of the hit video game Five Night’s at Freddy’s will love this suspense-filled Jump Scare Game! Player’s take it in turns to spin the spinner wheel and see how many pizza tokens they can steal from Freddy’s tray while he snoozes.  Whenever a player wakes Freddy he jumps up and screams! See if you can steal his pizza- we dare you!

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