Our guide to the Character Creative range!

Our guide to the Character Creative range!

Character Options has many unique and cutting edge arts and craft brands that are perfect for kids and these kits are by no means an exception! Children can create their own characters, accessories and hair styles with Cutie Stix, Oonies and Easy Braids! Make sure your kids don’t miss out!

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station RRP £29.99

Cutie Stix includes everything you need to create necklaces, figures and nail art from from cute rubber cuts.  The Cut and Create Station can be used to cut, core and create 24 unique patterned Stix for endless combinations. The Stix are available in themes from emojis to animals and with three different sized Stix in the Station kids can make a variety of creative accessories from nail art to bracelets!

To use the Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station simply insert a Cutie Stix into the station; it can be small, medium or large whatever your little one wants. Then insert the Cutis Stix cutting frame into the cutting unit and press down the cutting plunger to cut and the Cutie Stix should drop out the chute. Next step is to core the stix by placing it in the coring container and press down on the coring unit handle. There you go you have a Cutie Stix that you can add to a bracelet or you can use for nail art!

If your kids love Cute Stix then you don’t need to worry about them using all of the stix up, you can purchase the Cutie Stix refill packs for only £4.99! The assorted pack comes with 11 stix in three different sizes – perfect for lots more creative fun!

Oonies Starter Station Pack RRP £19.99

Kids will be mesmerised by the Oonies inflatable mini balloons that magically stick together to create fun characters and games.All kids need to do is insert the Oonies pellet into the Oonies inflation chamber and lock the door, then use the pump to inflate the Oonie. Once the balloon reaches the desired size, open the chamber and carefully remove the Oonie. Then your kids can get on with decorating their Oonie into fun characters and animals using the deco bits included in the set.

If your kids love Oonies then why not treat then to the themed Oonies packs. There’s something for everyone with Monster Mania, Ocean Adventure, Jungle Wildlife and Pet Scene for just £9.99! And if your kids run out of Oonie pellets then simply purchase the Mega Refill Pack for £14.99 which includes a whopping 90 Oonies pellets so your little one can create lots more Oonies fun!

Easy Braids RRP £19.99

Girls will love braiding their own hair with Easy Braids. All they need to do it load their hair into the three tubes using the hair separator and then they are ready to braid! Press the braid button and a braid and watch as the braider creates a three strand plait or braid in seconds! Kids can even be extra creative by adding finishing touches to their braids like the coloured clips and ribbons that are included in the set.

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