Part 1 of our guide to Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital toys!

Part 1 of our guide to Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital toys!

Doc McStuffins is a six year old girl who fixes toys with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. As your little ones will probably already know, Doc McStuffins now lives in McStuffinsville where she is Chief Resident at the Toy Hospital.

With GP Flair’s Toy Hospital range, children can join Doc McStuffins on her adventures with a really fun variety of toys. In part one of our product guide, we’re looking at some of the smaller and lower priced options in the toy range.

1. Doc’s Accessory Set – RRP £9.99

New for 2017 and a must-have for all fans is Doc’s Accessory Set. This lovely set comes with everything children need to act like a Doc themselves! Little doctors can practice their skills and nurture their favourite toys back to health with the bandage, blood pressure cuff, play syringe and play otoscope. A sticker sheet is also included!

2. Big Book of Boo Boos – RRP £12.99

The Big Book of Boo Boos is a must-have for any child who enjoys pretend play! The interactive toy lets little ones record all their expert diagnoses on a Toy Hospital Care Chart, just like Doc McStuffins. The toy has a tablet style design and it features different sounds for added excitement. The Big Book of Boo Boos also includes a pull down X-Ray, a sticker sheet, bandages and a pocket for storing the stickers. At we love this toy because you get so many features for a relatively low price; for £12.99 children will be entertained for hours!

3. Magical Toysponder – RRP £9.99

Another cool tool in the Toy Hospital range is the Magical Toysponder. In the TV series Doc uses the Toysponder to get in touch with her patients. The toy includes sounds and flip through images and it has a handy wristband for kids to carry around easily. The Toysponder is the ultimate accessory for budding Docs!

4. Toy Hospital Microphone – RRP £7.99

Children can take to the stage like a superstar with this cute new Toy Hospital Microphone! The microphone plays all the recognisable and much-loved songs from the show so fans can sing along to their heart’s content. Doc McStuffins features on the handle and there are cool lights which flash up when the little ones sing!
As you can see, there are some really great toys in the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital range! We’ll be introducing you to even more in part two of our product guide so keep an eye out!

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