See what mums think about the Schleich mini dinosaur range!

See what mums think about the Schleich mini dinosaur range!

Our mums have been testing out the fantastic Schleich mini dinosaur range; and they love them as much as we do! Here’s what Me and the Kiddywinks had to say

Joseph, like many boys his age, loves dinosaurs.  He has huge plans to turn his bedroom pre-historic, is quickly learning all of their names and has mastered his scary dinosaur ROAR!!!  For all of these reasons he was thrilled to receive a handful of Schleich’s new Mini Dinosaurs for the purpose of this review.

We’ve always loved Schleich because their hand painted attention to detail is second to none and even on the smaller scale these pint-sized pre-historic deliver the same quality as they’re larger cousins.

Joseph’s favourite is the Stegosaurus, who has named Steve, mainly because he likes his colors and big spines.

There are a further nine in the complete mini dinosaur collection including the Spinosaurus, Velociraptor and the impressive looking and impossible to pronounce Anhanguera.

Ranging in size from around 5 to 8cm they’re perfect for hiding in the pocket of your school trousers or coat in order to show off to friends and priced at £2.99 they make a great pocket money toy.

The collection is available to view in its entirety at and there’s a host of interesting facts available about each dinosaur as well.

If you want to know more about what mums think, check them out below;

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