See what mums think to the NEW Luna Doll with Sounds

See what mums think to the NEW Luna Doll with Sounds

Here at we love telling you what we think are the best new toys for your little ones! We also love hearing what you think! We recently sent a bunch of mummy bloggers the Talking Luna Petunia Doll from Funrise’s new Luna Petunia toy range and here’s what they thought…

Blue Bear Wood

"Who could resist this gorgeous Luna Petunia Doll? She’s a wonderful 35cm tall, comes with sounds looks just like the adventurous animation you can find on Netflix. Beautiful bright blue sparkly hair, big eyes, a large friendly cute smile and her signature brightly coloured petal dress! … “She’s adorable!”, squealed Ro And Ra."

Life as Mum

"Not very often does Elliw get attached to a toy. The only thing she has been attached to is her blanket that she's had since she was newborn. Still, now she snuggles her blanket in bed at night as she goes to sleep. But toys and teddies have never been a thing for her, unlike Mia who gets very attached to certain toys, dolls, and teddies. When we received the Luna Petuna doll to review, Elliw fell in love with her the minute she saw her. She was so excited to get her out of the box and to start playing with her. The first thing she did was give her a big cuddle."

Susan K Mann

"The best part of the Luna Petunia talking doll is that she talks of course. To get her to talk, you press the necklace. This triggers the button underneath. She says seven phrases in total. Catchphrases from the TV show. They come out loud and clear. Random sayings, but there are enough of them, that it makes it fun and not repetitive. She is very cute."

If you want to get your hands on the Talking Luna Petunia Doll or other Luna Petunia toys, head to Smyths Toys Online or see the collection in Smyths Toys Superstores today!

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