See what mums think to the Power Rangers toys from Bandai

See what mums think to the Power Rangers toys from Bandai

Here at we love hearing what mums think to our favourite toys which is why we regularly send out sample to top parental blogger to try with their kids. 

This week we have mums reviewing items from the new Power Rangers Ninja Steel collection of toys from Bandai... and they've gone down a storm! Here's what has been said so far! 

Parents In Touch - Hanna from Parents in touch was sent the Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Deluxe Ninja Megazord and called it an 'Impressiveaction figure".She also said that "The Ninja Steel Deluxe Megazord is a well constructed toy, it feels sturdy and robust and all of the pieces are easy enough for a child to put together. Its bold use of colour makes it really stand out and we love the fact that you can add parts to it from other Power Rangers products." - We think that confrims it was a hit! 

Kids Play UK - We sent Kids Play UK the Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher and she (and her kids) loved it! In her review she said "Because Power Rangers is a massive brand and every kid loves the Morpher, It includes 2 Ninja Stars that can also be used with other Ninja Steel toys across the toy-line and is pretty solid for a toy made out of plastic."

The Gingerbread House - Jenny Described the Ninja Megazord as "a really clever toy" and said "we loved that so many accessories are included. The five zords are all different and fun to play with, then combine them to create the Megazord." 


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