See what mums thought of the new GAZILLION Bubble Pong!

See what mums thought of the new GAZILLION Bubble Pong!

All new GAZILLION Bubble Pong promises to delivers fun and excitement as players bounce ping pong balls into their opponent’s side to score points and blast them with GAZILLION BUBBLES. The first person to score 3 times wins!

We thought this game is a must have for the summer, but wanted to see if mums thought so too… and they did!

Here’s what they thought…

Mummy’s Little Blog

“The Gazillion bubble solution works so well and also available to purchase in other sizes too. I think this game will be perfect for a BBQ I can see us in the garden. Sun shining the kids playing. I like that it helps the children get some coordination and is great fun too.”

Paige’s Preferences

“What’s fun about this game is that when you get a 'goal' scoring in your opponents hole you get to spray them with bubbles! Then when you've had enough playing ping pong you can have a bubble party, Lawsons favourite bit about the game.”

Family Clan

“Grace and Jake have loved playing with the Bubble Pong and the bubble machine part seems excellent and produces lots of bubbles”

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