Step by step guide to making Oonies animals

Step by step guide to making Oonies animals has been taken over by the Character Creative brands and we are going to give you a rundown of how to create cute little animals out of one of our favourite craft brands - Oonies!

1. First off you need to purchase the Oonies Station Inflation Pack (RRP £19.99) for your little one! There’s no doubt that kids will be mesmerised by the Oonies inflatable mini balloons as they magically stick together to create fun characters and games.
2. Add the pellets to the Station Inflation Pack and close the chamber door.
3. Once the chamber is locked down in place pump the handle on the right.
4. There are three options for balloon size– small, medium and large. Kids can then choose what size they want their balloon by looking at the gauge look at the gauge.
5. Once your little ones balloon reaches the desired size, the chamber can be unlocked and removed from the inflator.
6. Make sure to open the chamber very carefully to remove your Oonie.
7. Now this is the fun part- decorate!
The Oonies kit comes with deco bits to create a variety of super cool characters. Simply stick the Oonies together and add deco bits like eyes and ears to create fun animals! Kids will love creating a variety of animals including anything from bird to cats – the possibilities are endless!

Top tip: To create a bird pick a coloured balloon of your choice (we like the blue colour), then add eyes wings and a beak from the deco pack!

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