Take a look at Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care!

Take a look at Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care!

We’ve been looking after Cicciobello this week so read on to find out why he’s the perfect doll for your little ones to play with and care for!

Tots can look after Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care to make sure he is happy and healthy. When Cicciobello is poorly he cries and gets red cheeks just like a real baby – but you have to discover if he is hungry, thirsty or does he need some medicine?

Check his temperature with the special ear thermometer; it will turn red when he is feeling unwell. Maybe he needs a drink? Find the right one to make him feel better, whether it is his milk, juice or medicine, if he is still crying maybe he needs an injection.

When he is feeling better he will stop crying and his red cheeks will disappear.  Just to make sure he is fully better check his temperature and the light goes green if he is 100% better. Little ones can also give Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care his dummy which glows in the dark and he’ll fall fast asleep.

What’s more, for a limited time only, if you buy a Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care from any Smyths Toys Superstores retailer, you can also grab a FREE Cicciobello buggy! (Only whilst stocks last)

Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care is available from for £59.99 or for more information head to

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