Take a look at the Poopeez toys from Character!

Take a look at the Poopeez toys from Character!

Welcome to Kerplopolis!

Now you and your kids can discover that it’s cool to be No.2! Embracing the trend of all things poop, Poopeez are the collectable characters that come with more than a little toilet trouble!

This fab new collectable range has 36 characters to collect in series one including characters such as Skid Mark, Potty Pooper and Turdle! We’ve taken a look at this gross new collection and given you an insight into what you can buy:


Poopeez Toilet Roll Capsule (RRP £2.99)

Unroll the toilet paper to discover which two Poopeez are hidden inside! There are over 36 to collect including the ultra-rare silent but deadly Poopee! You can squish’em, stretch’em, trade’em and collect’em!



Poopeez Toilet Launcher Playset (RRP £7.99)

Watch as your Poopeez will really fly! Put your Poopeez character in the toilet…flush…and watch it fly! This set includes two awesome exclusive Poopeez too!



Poopeez Porta Potty Multi Pack (RRP £9.99)

With all the Poopeez that you collect, you’re going to want a place to store them, so what better than the Poopeez Porta Potty! Not only does this set include 6 Poopeez including Rumball, Lil Squirt and Plunger but it also doubles as a handy display case for you to keep all your Poopeez in.

Poopeez are out now and available from all good retailers and through the Character Options website here 


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