Take a look at what our mums thought of the brand new Teksta Micro-Pets!

Take a look at what our mums thought of the brand new Teksta Micro-Pets!

As part of our Teksta Week, we asked some of the UK’s biggest bloggers to review the brand new Teksta Micro Pets; miniature pets that respond to your touch and voice and can be trained on their playsets. Here’s what Stressy Mummy thought of these cute new toys;

My 11-year-old son has an original Teksta dog which he loved when he was younger and even though he is slightly too old to play with it now, he will not let his sister have it.  Of course, this frustrates her immensely and we often have conversations about having a Teksta pet of her own.  So when I unveiled one of the new Teksta Micro-Pets playsets, she couldn’t wait to play.

There are different Teksta Micro-Pets playsets to choose from, we have Kitty but you can also get a puppy, a racoon and a dino.  The pets fit in the palm of your hand and once you turn them on, the zoom around on a flat surface backwards and forwards.  As they move, they make sounds and their eyes light up and they respond to your voice or clapping.

Kitty is very cute.  As she zooms around, she meows and her blue eyes flash as she moves.  If you gently touch her head, she even makes a purring sound and my daughter likes how responsive she is and the noises make her laugh.

Each of the Teksta Micro-Pet playsets comes with its own adventure park.  The adventure park is a set of track pieces and a couple of extra accessories so that you can create a play track for your Micro-Pet.  Once you get the hang of how the pieces go together, you can create bridges and bumps for your Micro-Pet to play on.  We built the track and then programmed Kitty to just move forward so that she races around the track, chasing her ball.

Not only can you create a track from the pieces, but you can also use the curved pieces to create a wheel which my daughter loves.  Once you have built the wheel, you place your Micro-Pet inside and she will zoom around in the wheel which is really fun.

If you have two or more of the sets, you can link the sets together to make a bigger playground for the Micro-Pets.

The Teksta Micro-Pets are really cute and funny to play with.  They have batteries in already and are ready to be played with as soon as you open the box.  My daughter has enjoyed playing with Kitty on and off the track and she particularly enjoys putting Kitty in the wheel and watching her whizz around the floor. It is a really fun toy and I have no doubt that I will be buying another Micro-Pet soon.

The RRP is £19.99 at the time of writing.

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