The Y Glider Refresh – a HUGE hit with mums!

The Y Glider Refresh – a HUGE hit with mums!

The new Y Glider Refresh collection has been a huge hit with our mums and their little ones. Find out why here!

Five Little Doves 

"We are really impressed with the Yvolution Glider Refresh and will be looking at getting both Harry and Megan the same scooter at Christmas. Because let’s face it, one scooter and three children is never going to end well……."

Rock and Roll Pussy Cat 

"The scooter is perfect to help younger children develop their balance, co-ordination and motor skills and features a unique “lean-to-steer” steering mechanism which can be changed from loose to firm to suit your child’s needs."

Newcastle Family Life 

"Jacob loved this scooter he really likes the colour and the brightly coloured inserts that he has added to the wheels. He has managed to scoot along on this scooter no problem at all and he seems really stable and safe on it, it does not seem to wobble or anything when he is riding it. He easily worked out how to work the scooter and was speeding off down the cycle track in no time at all."

The Y Glider range is exclusive to Toys R Us, click here to check it out! 

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