View the new Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends toys

View the new Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends toys

The new Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends have arrived in Glimvillage! If you missed out on seeing the Glimmies™ earlier on this year, don’t worry as now the new Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends are here and are cuter than ever! Watch as your Glimmies™ light up in the dark and interact with one another when they are close. There are also playsets to collect for you Glimmies™ to enjoy!

Let’s introduce you to the Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends range:

Glimmies™ Single and Triple Packs – RRP £3.99 & £9.99

For the first time kids can experience the magical feeling of holding an enchanted creature in their hands! When the lights go out these super cute little star fairies called Glimmies™ will shine bright in the dark, put them in the light and they will hide their lights! Kids can hold their Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends together in their hands and they will interact with each other by changing their light colour!
There are 12 Glimmies™ to collect across the Single Blisters, all representing a cute forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expressions! Collect them all to create your own enchanted world!

Glimhouse – RRP £7.99

The Glimhouse is the perfect Glimmies™ home! Place your Glimmie Rainbow Friends in their Glimhouse and they will magically light up! Hold two Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends together and they will interact with each other by changing colour! Create a lovely fairy scene by connecting the houses together or hang them in your room like fairy lights! Included is an exclusive Glimmie to add to your Glimmies™ collection.

Glimtern – RRP £16.99

This beautiful lantern-shaped house is the perfect Glimmies™ home. Place your Glimmie in her Glimtern and it will magically glow! Hang the Glimtern in your bedroom like a fairy light or carry around your Glimmie friend wherever you go! Included is an Exclusive golden ladybug to add to your Glimmies collection.

Glimwheel – RRP £24.99

Glimmies™ can now go for a ride on the Glimwheel which magically spins in the dark! Switch it to the day mode and it will spin in daylight too! Up to three Glimmies™ can take a seat on the Glimwheel. This playset comes with one exclusive Glimmie Rainbow Friends too!

GlimTree  - RRP £34.99

Open up the Glimtree foliage to reveal a lovely tree house for your Glimmies™. Place a Glimmie in the Glimtree and it will magically light up, taking the Glimmie’s colour! Place two Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends in the Glimtree and see the playset light up with a rainbow effect! Use the hooks to hang the Glimhouses to the tree and create a lovely fairy scene. Included in this set is an exclusive unicorn Glimmie!

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