What did our mum’s think?

What did our mum’s think?

This summer, Doc McStuffins is turning her attention to healing toy animals as she puts on her new look paw print scrubs and introduces pet toys to the patient list.

This means the introduction of lots of new toys, so we gave some of our mums a sneaky peak at the new Pet Vet Bag Playset.

Red Rose Mummy is just one of the bloggers who took a look at this new playset and here is what she thought:

"LM is a huge fan of Doc McStuffins and the adventures of the six year old doctor with her list of patients are often enjoyed in our house. We have a fair collection of Doc McStuffins toys already and I like that most of them include a role play element which allows LM to pretend to be Doc and care for her teddies and dollies in the same way she does. The most recent range of Doc McStuffins toys includes a Pet Vet Bag which is animal themed and allows Doc to take care of her furry friends.

The Pet Vet Bag is similar in style to the Doctor's Bag and Eye Doctor bag (LM has the latter already) in that it's a hard plastic bag which contains a range of different instruments for animal care, These include an otoscope, comb, tongue depressor, magnifying glass, brush, scissors and a very exciting bracelet (that you can also use as a collar on your toy pet). The pack also includes a sheet of stickers which feature little plasters for healing minor injuries.

The tools are the perfect size for little hands and LM got to work straight away with her toys, brushing their hair, looking into their eyes and ears and wearing the watch.

The set has a new colour scheme for Doc McsStuffins and features blue and green rather than pink and purple. The trademark sparkly glitter handles are present on some of the bigger instruments. LM loves pointing out the sparkle on these.  The bag itself has a mock zip around the outside with a cute little paw tag but, in fact, opens by simply clicking it apart. The bracelet keeps the same colour scheme going and lights up when you press the paw on it.

LM has been delighted with the arrival of the Pet Vet Bag and she has played with it daily, she's taken it everywhere with her, in case of pet emergencies! The set is the same good quality we have come to expect from the Doc McStuffins range and we'd really recommend it for children aged three plus.

The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag has an RRP of £22:99 and is available from all usual toy stockists including Smyth's Toys."

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