What did our Mums think about the new Mobile Vet Van?

What did our Mums think about the new Mobile Vet Van?

This week we’ve been getting to know the Schleich Horse Club range a little bit better, so we sent some of the top mummy bloggers in the UK the brand new Mobile Vet Van to try out!

With the Mobile Vet Van, budding vets can create all the emergencies and missions they can think of! Plus it also comes with an array of figures and accessories for endless adventures.

Here’s what Beauty and the Prince had to say:

“The new catalogue for Schleich has just been released and wow what a surprise load of new and exciting products have they got lined up for you over at .

The Horse club is one of my daughters favorite collections from Schleich and I am so pleased to see it expanding .

There is always something happening over at the riding center so their main priority is to keep all their gorgeous , variety of horse happy and healthy .

Schleich have brought out the new Vet Van and wow what a wonderful addition to the Horse club.

Not only are they ensuring they keep a variety or beautiful and elegant Stallion, mares and foals , they are giving them riding centers , stalls , horse box , show arenas  and cleaning areas but now they're also bringing you the Mobile Vet Van which is absolutely amazing .

This fantastic sized Mobile center which is not yet available until September is filled with everything you need to take care of that poorly foal .

This Mobile vet van will be retailing at £29.99 and aimed at children aged 4+ but I definitely would advise that the smaller parts be moved when smaller children are in play  as there are a few lovely accessories that they would fit into mouths or up noses as mine would certainly entertain.

I love that they have included everything a vet needs to take care instantly of their horse, especially that added detail of the portable X ray machine and the vets carry case which has some wonderful little treasures hidden inside to play doctor with for that imagination play.

Once again the detail never fails to impress me , the side of the van comes down so that you can walk your foal up the ramp and if your struggling to get him/her aboard, then just tease it with some lovely food .

Even the laptop has its own screening of the injured leg and the model can be complimented by any of the other Horse club collection sets or additions.

We have had great hours of fun with this Mobile Vet van from Schleich.

Not only do the doors open and close, the vet can sit into the chair to play as driver and the detailed accessories make play more realistic but the realistic looking Foal  ensures the child stays inspired to play more accurately and for longer.

What I love about this product is that all of the items included have their very own spot on the van, the X ray machine and vet carry case have a holder on the van and when play is finished with , it can then all be stored inside the van to put aside for another day . For a parent whose child may be prone to losing small pieces on play-sets like this , this is a satisfaction. I enjoy buying products that you can keep all together . Not only does it keep it safe together but this also means it makes it more appealing for us to be able to take it away on trips out or holidays to the caravan which my children so love to do .”

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