What did our mums think of Puppy In My Pocket?

Rating: 9/10
What did our mums think of Puppy In My Pocket?

To celebrate the Puppy In My Pocket takeover, we asked some of the UK’s biggest and most influential bloggers to take a look at this much loved brand and review the Soft Play Carrier and blind bags that are just part of the collection.

Here’s what Raising the Rainbows thought:

Puppy In My Pocket toys have been a favourite for years and they are back in 2016 and even more collectable than before. There are more than 100 miniature puppies to collect, including ultra-rare glittery puppies, each puppy has its own name and a unique bio, based on the realistic dogs breed. We have been sent 2 blind bags and a soft carrier to start off our Puppy In My Pocket Collection.
The Puppy In My Pocket blind bags are priced at £2.49 and contain 1 surprise puppy. Miss S loves blind  bags and has spent many an hour watching opening videos on Youtube, they're big business over there!

The bag also contains a collectors guide so you can mark off each puppy as you get them. The little puppies have incredible detail on them and they are really soft. You can see the amazing detail on the hand painted eyes.
We also received the soft carrier bag, which is perfect for carrying around all your collectable puppies. The bag retails at just £12.99 and comes with 4 puppies to get your collection started. The bag is quite roomy and I reckon you could get about 15-20 of your collection in there.

The 2 clear windows on the front are little showcases for your 2 favourite puppies. Miss S cannot decide which 2 of her collection to show off and is constantly changing them. The bag has a carry handle and closes with a velcro bow fastening. There are 3 bags to collect and each has 4 different puppies inside each bag.

The most exciting thing for Miss S was definitely the opening of the blind bags and she has rarely put the bag down since we got them through the door. It's her birthday next week and she doesn't know it but we are expanding her collection for her! We made a little video of Miss S opening her blind bags.

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