What did our mums think of Schleich’s Wild Life Collection?

What did our mums think of Schleich’s Wild Life Collection?

During our Schleich Pre-school takeover we’ve been bringing you everything you need to know about Schleich’s toy ranges! We sent a selection of the new Wild Life Collection to our top mummy bloggers to check out what they thought, and it’s safe to say they were pleased with what they discovered!

We love the Schelich Wild Life Collection and think they are great fun for kids to collect, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our mums had to say:

"My five year old is a big lover of animals, and animal toys, so it goes without saying that he is a huge fan of Schleich products. I must admit, so am I, their quality always astounds me. Last week we discovered that Schleich had bought out a new range of play sets, so we thought we would road test one of them; The European Forest Dweller Play Set.

It consisted of a wild boar, a red deer, and a fox. They all live in the forests of Europe. My five year old loved them, and of course the animals ended up having a fight! Of course!

These animals have been subjected to an awful lot so far here with us; Show & Tell at school, Scooby Doo adventures, sandpit adventures, and have travelled a lot of places with us. They are definitely a big hit. These animals are aimed at 3-6 years and cost £13.99.

If the forest play set isn’t your kind of thing don’t fret, there are many more sets to choose from. They have three categories of play sets; Wild Life, Farm World, and Eldrador. The first two are pretty self explanatory really, but Eldrador…it’s dragons! (This set is aimed a little higher in age range at 5-8 year olds). Prices range from £9.99 through to £14.99.

If you haven’t given Schleich a try yet you most definitely should, you won’t be disappointed!" - Swords and Noodles

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