What did our mums think of the Giant Volcano with T-Rex!

What did our mums think of the Giant Volcano with T-Rex!

The Giant Volcano is the first playset for the Schleich Dinosaur collection. An amazing setting for all of the Dinosaur figures, the huge volcano comes with many functions and also contains a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus and lots of accessories to add to the play value.

Some of our top mummy bloggers reviewed it for us and here is what Blog by Baby thought;

We are massive long term lovers of Schleich, the brand oozes quality and produce products that are made to last. So when this Schleich Dinosaurs Giant Volcano turned up, I hoped it would live up to the high expectations that I have come to expect from Schleich.

Opening the box, I was confronted with what looked like a difficult assembly job.

But with clear instructions and well labelled pieces, it was really easy!

The pieces all slot together, some with a bit of a push, but I am a firm believer that this means that the product will be sturdy rather than flimsy. I have to point out the pieces of volcano are plastic, but they are a solid hard plastic like the figures, and this means they are totally indestructible and create a really sturdy product.

The assembly in total took me about 10 minutes, but what I had at the end was an amazing volcano, a great size standing at 26cms, that the kids couldn’t wait to play with. Included in the set is three dinosaurs, a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus and a skeleton stegosaurus too! There is also a plastic sheet that fits in the side, that you can hide the included fish inside. There is also a frog model too.
But this is more than just a model volcano. This has been the the perfect tool to fire my 6 year old sons imagination into life. He has spent hours playing with this, and he just adores the features.

Firstly, there is a hole in the volcano where you can place big stones, that form a skeleton. But when a dinosaur comes past and steps on the bottom (trigger rock) this causes the whole lot to fall down.

Mark was adamant at first that it was too hard to work out the fossil puzzle and put the rocks back, but he has now cracked it and is so proud of himself!

There is a dinosaur tree trap too! Pull it apart to set it, and as a dinosaur walks past…SNAP, it’s caught in the trap!

There is also a secret skull which when pressed fires down some sinister (but soft, not sharp) stalactites. This makes the underneath of the volcano into a dinosaur cave, for your dinosaurs to live.

There is plenty of space under the volcano, as well as around it. It is an impressive set that is easily big enough for multiple children to play with if needed. If your child likes Dinosaurs, this is the perfect present for them! My son loves Dinosaurs and this is literally the only toy that has fired his imagination and he has played with for longer than 10 minutes. It gets a massive thumbs up from me, and I can honestly recommend it 100%. It does have a high RRP, £99.99, which I know is a lot of money, but what you get is a quality item, that is not only fun but educational and it really is built to last. It is cheaper than any electronic tablet, and the great thing is this is a toy that isn’t going to get forgotten about, Mark is already planning what dinosaurs to get next to play with it, the activities are endless with different scenarios and story lines, we are even using it as a basis to get Mark writing down some of his ideas too.

You can check out this, and the full collection of Schleich online at

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