What did our mums think of the new Shimmer and Shine toys?

What did our mums think of the new Shimmer and Shine toys?

Girls can mimic their favourite genie characters from the popular Nick JR show with the brand new dress-up and role play toys! Some of our top bloggers took a look at the clip on Pony Tail, and the Wish Come True Purse Set, and here is what Raising the Rainbows thought;

Do your little ones love Shimmer and Shine on Nick Jr? If the answer is yes then this review is one for you. We have been some items from the brand new Shimmer and Shine toy collection. Miss S couldn't wait to try the Wish Come True Shimmer Purse set £14.99 and the Shimmer and Shine Ponytail £9.99 to have some Shimmer and Shine fun.

The Shimmer and Shine ponytails are available in a choice of pink or blue. The ponytail comes with a hairband and slide to secure the ponytail to the child's head. The instructions suggest putting your child's hair into a bun, this definitely worked best for us. Miss S was a bit apprehensive as she isn't great with things on her head, but once on she loved swishing her ponytail about. It stayed pretty firm too, the little slices of tinsel in the hair really gives the ponytail a shine and it really looks fab.

The purse set comes with 2 bracelets, a brush, a magic wish necklace, 2 sticker sheets and the purse to keep it all in. All the items fit nicely inside the purse, so great for storage when not in play. The bracelets wouldn't fit onto Miss S's wrists, they are quite small, the set is aimed at ages 3 and up and Miss S is 8, so I am confident they would fit a smaller child no problem, Mr C is 5 and they fitted him perfectly.

The set is great for imaginative play and for carrying on the fun after they have watched the show on Nick Jr. What child doesn't like acting out what they watched on their favourite TV show? We are all for encouraging imaginative play to develop the children's skills, so if we can use toys of their favourite shows to do that, then all the better. The purse has some holographic eyes, they look like they open and close when you move the bag. Miss S was fascinated by this aspect of the bag. She also liked combing her shiny ponytail with the brush included with the purse set.

We had lots of fun playing with the brand new Shimmer and Shine toys, available from ToysRUs. Miss S now has her eye on the pink ponytail! I think she likes having long hair LOL

To see the full collection visit Toys R Us

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