What did our mums think of the new The Lion Guard collection?

What did our mums think of the new The Lion Guard collection?

For the Lion Guard takeover this week, we have been looking at the brand new toys in Disney’s Lion Guard collection and some of our bloggers have reviewed the Hyena Hideout Playset.

In case you didn’t know, Disney’s The Lion Guard is an exciting TV series based on the classic Disney Lion King film! The show follows the adventures of Kion, the son of Simba, as he follows in the paw-steps of his father and protects the Pride Lands.

The collection has a great variety of toys ranging from soft toys to action-packed playsets. Some of our mums have kindly reviewed the brand new Hyena Hideout Playset for us to let us know what they are really like – read what Mummy’s Little Stars had to say here:

Disney’s The Lion Guard tv series is popular with young children and has certainly been a hit with my little boy.  Being a spin off from the The Lion King, it has mass appeal and my little boy loves playing with the toys from the series and has got to know all the characters from the show, from the goodies such as Kion and to the baddies such as the Hyenas.  Here we are going to show you the baddies home, the Hyena’s Hide Out Playset from Flair Toys.

The playset is a good size and can be split into two parts if you wish.  Although it looks fairly simple, it is packed full of traps and hideouts which lend a hand to a child’s imagination and something my little boy thrives on.  His imagination ran wild with this creating all sorts of adventures and games for The Lion Guard characters to play.

The set consists of a mountain like structure with various caves, traps and hideouts.  It also includes a moveable hyena figure to play with and others can easily be added to the set to encourage play.  Although the playset can be parted into two pieces my little boy preferred to keep it as one.  On one side is a tree branch that animals can sit into and be twisted up and down to keep watch on oncoming visitors.

Underneath the main part is jaw bone jail, this is opened by a small lever and can trap visiting animals inside.  Beware if you are standing at the bottom of the rock as the boulder can easily be released to roll into you!  If the boulder rolls the other way however the rock bridge will collapse, so danger on both sides.  The red lava panel also lifts up to reveal a hidden cave for the hyena to hide in.
This playset has kept my little boy playing for hours, he is very imaginative and a toy like this sets the scene for him and enables him to enjoy lots of time playing and creating different scenarios.  The toy is very well built and durable with moving parts being easy to use.
Mister B has enjoyed bringing his other The Lion Guard playset to play with together, giving a home for the goodies and one for the baddies, creating the ultimate The Lion Guard world to play with.  There are various toys available in the range and they all mix and match easily together for fun play times.

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