What did our mums think of the Schleich Dinosaurs?

What did our mums think of the Schleich Dinosaurs?

During Dinovember, we’ve loved getting to know all of the amazing dinosaur toys from Schleich. We sent a selection of the Schleich Dinosaurs that are brand new for 2017 to top mummy bloggers; these include the T-Rex Mini, Utahraptor Mini and Feathered Raptors.

Here’s what Chelsea Mamma thought:

“We were sent some Schleich dinosaurs to review, which are a brilliant way to introduce kids to the prehistoric mystery of dinosaurs. These detailed figures will be the perfect instant treat for any child, especially if their mind is filled with Jurassic wonder like Sebby.

We were sent the Utahraptor, Velociraptor and Microraptor set who were feathered raptors. Dinosaur researchers found quills on the arms of a Velociraptor, even flight feathers on Microraptor. They believe that Utahraptor had feathers too. However, none of the three was actually able to fly. Microraptor weighed at most one kilogram, Utahraptor around 5 kilograms and these figures look as true to life as we have imagined them.

We also received a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of Sebby’s favourites as they were the King of the Dinosaurs. For this reason it carries the Latin name rex, which means king. It is famous for its short arms, which were much more powerful than we would imagine and could use them to lift as much as 200 kilograms.

We came up against a life size animatronic one at Blackgang Chine and I am quite relieved that these guys don’t exist anymore!
Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and Sebby’s imagination was instantly inspired by these figures. He can often be found smuggling them to school, trying to sneak them in the bath combining them with his other favourite toys for even more fun!!”

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