What do mums think about the new Kidscast app?

What do mums think about the new Kidscast app?

So this week Kidscast has taken over to introduce you to their all new kids’ entertainment app! Children aged 3 to 12 can go on the Kidscast app for games, shows, activities and more, all for only £3.99 a month.

As the app is brand new, we thought what better way to review it than asking top mummy bloggers to test it out?

Read on to find out what they thought:

"Kidscast is a completely safe platform for your child; it has no in app purchase options - always a relief as my boys before now have bought bundles of diamonds to upgrade their characters or to complete tasks quicker… none of that nonsense or extra expense here!
Just fun and educational games that will make your child eager to learn without adverts getting in the way of their entertainment or showing them anything inappropriate. The app has been certified by the UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) so you know they can be left to make the most of the app without constant supervision.  It really is the perfect entertainment hub for the Christmas holidays; you know your children are only accessing content for 3-8 year olds so you don’t need to be scanning over their shoulder making sure they aren’t seeing anything they shouldn’t.

Kidscast costs £3.99 a month, which is very reasonable for the amount of content included, alongside the games, you have shows to watch and activities to complete.  Some of the shows will be a trip down memory lane for the parents with the likes of Wind in the Willows and Rainbow – its also nice to introduce your children to shows without quite so much mayhem or violence, just charming characters that are bound to delight children of the targeted age range." – Missing Sleep

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