What do mums think of the Character Creative range?

What do mums think of the Character Creative range?

During the Character Creative takeover, we’ve been getting to know the fab range of creative toys from Character Options. We asked some of our favourite mummy bloggers to try out a mixture of Oonies, Easy Braids and Cutie Stix and give their honest opinions. Guess what? They loved the product as much as we do! Read this great review from Twin Mummy and Daddy

“Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station is a toy like no other I’ve come across before. Aimed at children over six years old, this product lets children make their own bracelets, necklaces, nail art and figures.

Unlike other jewellery making toys available on the market, the difference with Cutie Stix is that children actually get to make the ‘beads’ themselves. This proved to be hours of fun for our five year old twins.

Cutie Stix are the perfect way for children to make accessories to wear and share with their friends. The Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station can cut, core and create 24 unique patterned Stix in an assortment of three sizes for endless combinations. Themes include treats, animals and emojis. The station includes everything you need to create necklaces, fun figures and nail art!

It wasn’t just Twin Mummy and Daddy who love the creative range from Character, take a look at this blog on Oonies from Mummy’s Space

“Once the balloons are inflated the creativity kicks in as you get to work sticking them together and decorating them with the Oonie Deco Bits. The possibilities are endless and you can be as wild and crazy as you wish with the designs, creating a variety of fun characters - as it says on the box 'If you think it, you can make it with Oonies'. The fun doesn't stop there though as the instruction manual contains ideas for cool games and challenges - plus don't underestimate how much enjoyment can be had by playing games throwing them at a window like my three have been busy doing or even popping them.

Good news for parents is that Oonies are mess free, I love the fact that you don't need to use heat or glue to get creative with these mini balloons - Zoey has been going a bit nuts lately with her glue stick wanting to get 'crafty' every 5 minutes so Oonies have been a very welcome alternative. Oonies are great for helping to develop fine motor skills and coordination as the kids get busy putting the balloons in the inflation chamber, clicking it in place and inflating it to the desired size and finally decorating.”

Here’s what top mummy blogger A Moment with Franca thought of Easy Braids

“It is a girls dream to braid your own hair so with this braider their dreams come true! Bella loves making braids. She hasn’t managed to braid her own hair yet but I think she will be able to do it soon. At the moment she enjoys being braided by me or using the braider machine on us.

I definitely think this machine will be a hit when Bella has some friends staying over or for any makeover parties! I am sure her friends will love it!”

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