What do other mums think about the Peppa Pig Construction range?

What do other mums think about the Peppa Pig Construction range?

During the Peppa Pig toys takeover, we’ve been getting to know the fab range of Peppa Pig Construction toys from Character Options. We really like the Peppa Pig Construction toys so we thought we would ask other mums what they thought!

Read on to see what top mummy bloggers had to say about the toys:

“Like most two year olds the Twinkies absolutely love Peppa Pig and building blocks so combining these two things looked like it would be a winner for sure. We were sent the Grandpa Pig's Boat Construction Set to test whether this theory would hold true and there was no surprise it was a hit from the minute they set eyes on the box.

There was no hiding the sheer excitement when my two saw the box, they really do adore Peppa Pig. Their big brother Ben, who is 6, gave them a hand with the instructions on how to build the boat and together all three of them built it pretty quickly. The fact that the boat has moving wheels is great as it  adds to it playability, making it more than just a model but something that can be pushed and zoomed about so it definitely is true to say it is a "build and play" toy.” – Mummy’s Space 

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